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Armchair Travel

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What we do

In Armchair Travel we aim to hold Illustrated Talks which are


The Armchair Travel group has seen an increase in members and now totals around fifty. The meetings are chosen and run by the members, are interactive and well attended, with an average 35+ each month. We also socialise before and after the meeting, and have an annual lunch.

Members give short illustrated, interactive talks on countries and places of interest. Typical meeting topics have included Cruising the Antarctic, a three months trek through India and a ride on The Rocky Mountaineer. We’ve been to Singapore, on Mountaineering Treks, an Alaskan Cruise, visited the Lemon Festival, the Panama Canal and the wonderful Loire Valley France. Not to mention Syria, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Tuscany, Europe (North & South). And how about “Anecdotes about the varied nations’ Hats collected on my travels….” 

Another variation is “Tales and Memorabilia” - a meeting when several members each take 5- 10 minutes to relate an experience or artifact brought back from their travels. This has proved interesting and enjoyable, and it gives members the opportunity to gain confidence in standing up and speaking about their travel finds.

Meeting Area: Sketty Park        Meeting Day: Fridays PM

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With the subject as “Discussion”

What we do

Come and join in a lively discussion (topics chosen and introduced by members in turn) – Contact the convenor for more information.

Area: Central Swansea        Meeting Day: Tuesdays PM

Foreign Fare
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What we do

This will be an online group where each month a member will submit a recipe from foreign climes and a bit of a background to the food of that country.  The rest of the group will then try out the recipe at home and compare notes by email.  Each month a different member will have the opportunity to provide the recipe.

Meeting:  On-line Group.     Meeting Day: Monthly on a Thursday AM


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With the subject as “Gardening”

What we do

We are a very friendly group of people who enjoy their gardens, whatever the size, even if it is only a couple of pots.  We have a variety of speakers covering a range of subjects from plants for the herbaceous garden, to pollination,to dahlias and a followed by a cup of tea or coffee.

There is a charge of £2.00 per meeting to cover the cost of room rental, speakers and refreshments.

At the moment our group is full, due to the venue size, but we do have a waiting list.  If you would like to add your name to this list please contact the Convenor using the "Email" link above.

Meeting Area: Singleton       Meeting Day: Thursdays PM

Gourmet's Guide to History

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What we do

A one-year series of meetings to be repeated annually, for gourmets with an interest in history.  The sessions will cover food from the time of early man to the Second World War.  Learn about the food of the period then enjoy a meal from that period.  Recipes will be handed out monthly for you to bring the following month.  

Bookings are now being taken for next year’s course beginning with Prehistory in November 2020 (we hope).

Meeting Area:  Sketty.     Meeting Day: Monthly on a Thursday AM

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With the subject as “Lectures”

What we do

We are so  fortunate in Swansea to be able to hold lectures weekly in term time for members in a large lecture theatre  in the Swansea University for which we are very grateful.

Luckily, we are able to tap into the large pool of University lecturers to give us very professional and cutting edge talks besides those from speakers from all walks of life. These are completely free to Members.
Recent topics have varied from "Victorian Wit and Humour" to "Swansea in the Great War" and "The WNO Spring Programme with Musical Extracts" to  "The Great German POW Escape from Island Farm Bridgend"  

Click here for more details and an example list of our lecture topics.  We publish our full programme of lectures every year.

Meeting Area: Swansea University       Meeting Day: Wednesdays PM


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With the subject as “Meditation”

What we do:

Calm the mind and learn techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.  We are a friendly group of seven ladies who discuss many spiritual topics.

Meeting Area: Dunvant      Meeting Day: Monthly on Fridays (PM)


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With the subject as “Outings”

What we do

We go on many visits by coach or minibus.  The outings are usually day trips but we have done over night stays and even  trips lasting several days abroad.  All our trips are advertised well in advance on our website.


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With the subject as “Quiz”

What we do      

What better way to spend a cold, wet, windy & miserable Monday afternoon than go to a U3A Quiz.
We have easy warm- up questions to start us off, maths questions-liked by some but not by others, picture questions and a wide range of other rounds.
Our interval was spent getting to know each other and enjoying a cup of tea/coffee & home-made cakes brought in by different members.
If you want to test your knowledge and get the old grey matter working in a relaxed, fun atmosphere with good company then the Quiz Group is for you.  We are Looking forward to seeing you there!

Meeting Area: Swansea      Meeting Day: Mondays PM

RUG (Really Useful Group)

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With the subject as “RUG”

What we do      

Our U3A runs on self help principles and we know there are many of you helping to keep the show on the road - as committee members, convenors and other group support such as collecting names, room hire, making bookings, meeting and greeting at lectures, setting out furniture, making and clearing away after tea breaks.

We are setting up a group to capture this effort in the Really Useful Group: members will be contacted when help is needed for an event or project. We think this will be a more effective way of locating helpers across all our activity. It will also work to encourage more help, especially amongst new members.

How will it work? We will collect names and contact details of all those we know about and keep a central list. When help is needed, all RUG members will be contacted but only those who are able to help need reply.

For example, our annual quiz is approaching and we will be looking for help with setting up, catering, ticket takers, marking, and runners for the answer sheets.

Feel free to ask your U3A friends if they want to join this group too.

Please send your name, telephone numbers, address and email address to Carol Lilly, Events Co-ordinator using the Email link above.

Youniverse Explorer
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With the subject as “Explorer”.

What we do:

10 weekly sessionsTuesday afternoons commencing 8th October 2019 in central Swansea

Human beings are endlessly curious, and the one thing we’re most curious about is us.

In this group we'll draw on science, philosophy and spiritual tradition for new insights about ourselves

and our changing place in the world as we move through the stages of life from child to student to householder to sage

 For more information please contact me, Judy, using the email link above.

Meeting Area: Swansea Central for first two meetings, maybe relocating to Bishopston after that.     

Meeting Day: Tuesdays PM

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