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You will all be aware of the current situation in regard to the Covid-19 virus in the UK.  As you know, u3a members are in the ‘at risk’ category of suffering significant issues in the event of contracting the virus.  

Following a sharp increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Wales, all of Wales is in lockdown (alert level 4) to reduce the spread of the virus and protect public health.  

This means that groups are NOT able to meet indoors or outdoors. In view of this your committee's advice is to follow the guidance below:  

To see the report on the latest Third Age Trust thoughts about restarting please click the link below.

    We have received the documentation from the Third Age Trust regarding the restarting of groups.  

    If your group is considering starting up again, it is very important that you let the committee know so we can provide help and support.  You will be asked to complete the first form below and forward it on to the committe before you start.  

    You should also be aware of this form if  your group meet outdoors.

    Members wishing to attend any group MUST complete a 'Personal Members' Checklist' BEFORE attending a meeting - click link below.

        Many people are being very careful and that is perfectly understandable but at least there is some cautious optimism ahead once we have all had our vaccinations.

        Some Groups are using Zoom or other platforms to hold virtual meetings.  Please see the U3A Remote Activity Risk Assessment Checklist.  If you would like help setting up a Zoom meeting please contact us.

        Also if you need help, in any way, please let us know so we can provide you with help and support.

        Please will you check that your groups and friends are aware of this notice, especially those who don't use computers.

        To see useful information, poems, quizzes and lots more please see our, Coronavirus Virtual Group, all members belong to it.  Please click here to see it and let us know of your ideas and suggestions.

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