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With the subject as “Anthropology”

What is it?

Anthropology is the fascinating study of humankind.

What we do

We will explore aspects of humankind from both a biological and also social/cultural viewpoint, using video, talks and discussion.  Sessions will be lively and interesting – and very informative! The Convenors are Priscilla, who studied Social Anthropology as part of her degree, and Pam, who is a biologist, and they are both very enthusiastic about their subject.  No prior knowledge is necessary – just curiosity!

Meeting Area: Mumbles      Meeting Day: Mondays PM

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With the subject as “Geology”

What we do:
We meet at different locations where we walk and study the Geology of the local area with an expert.  Group members are asked to bring a picnic lunch, good walking boots and waterproof clothing.

Meeting Area: Various       Meeting Day: Mondays.

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With the subject as “iPad

What we do:

We cover the basics of using an iPad and more. These include:

Apps – Calendar – Camera – Clock – Contacts – Email – FaceTime – iBooks – iPhone – Maps – Messages – Music – News – Notes – Notifications – Office – Photographs – Reminders – Browsing - Internet – Security – Settings – Siri – Videos

Attendees are welcome to suggest subjects they would like us to cover.

Each week we cover a different subject so if you miss any classes you will not fall behind.

We have a comfortable venue with no parking problems and secure WiFi.

Please bring your iPad to the class.

Meeting Area: Brynmill          Meeting Day: Monday 10:30

Maths for the Terrified

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With the subject as “Maths”

Did you dislike Maths at school?   Did school Maths lessons make you anxious?

Start afresh without the pressure of exams. Experience a different approach to learning Maths in order to raise your confidence and enhance your understanding.

What we do:

This list is not exclusive and will evolve as we make progress:

      • Arithmetic and Imperial measurements ‘when I was a lad’.
      • Revisiting counting numbers and exploring the use of digits.
      • Examining the words we use in Maths.
      • Learning about powerful numbers and messages.
      • H T U, decimalisation, fractions, decimals and percentages. Same value different appearance.
      • Using verbs in Maths. Same value different appearance.
      • Operations and inverses. 
      • Understanding and using variables, equations and symbols. Relationships between variables.
      • Investigating the different types of numbers and their use in everyday life.
      • Progressing logically to the use of algebra and exploring its importance in the modern world.
      • Exploring coordinates and understanding graphs. Doing, talking, recording.
      • Solving problems involving algebra.
      • To infinity and beyond.............................
Meeting Area: Sketty        Meeting Day: Friday AM

Natural History

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With the subject as “Natural History”

The Natural History walks will follow different 'themes' such as Woodland, Rocky Shore, Birdsong, Bat-walks, Freshwater, Mammals etc. 

Numbers would have to be limited and the walks would be fairly short and not taxing.

Meeting Area: Various      Meeting Day: TBA.

(Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

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With the subject as “STEM”

What we do:

The group meets on the fourth Friday of the month. Activities include external speakers, discussion and debate and visits to STEM related sites. Topics covered so far include brain research, the provision of cancer services in Swansea, nuclear energy, global warming, architecture of prisons, the new Swansea medical school, the development of herbal therapies in the Middle Ages. 

Visits have included the Material Sciences Faculty at Swansea University Bay Campus, Bristol University Geography Dept, Penderyn Distillery, and Tata Steel's Trostre plant.

We are looking for a new Convenor for this group.

Meeting Area: Swansea City Centre       Meeting Day: Friday AM

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