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Music Appreciation

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What we do:

The Nomads Group is still going strong after twenty one years. Once a month we visit each other's homes, the host having prepared a programme of music of his or her choice which, more often than not, suits all tastes. This can be anything from Shows to Shostakovich, Opera to Offenbach or Ballet to Borodin.

We start off with tea/coffee and whilst catching up with each other's news before the music starts when we comment on the particular pieces and their composers. We occasionally have a quiz or interposed question which really tests our knowledge (or lack of it) on different aspects of music. We have also used videos of orchestral concerts which have been very enjoyable.

Great friendships have lasted many years. New members have replaced those who have sadly passed away or become infirm and they, too, have become great friends.  We would like to thank all our members for their participation in making the group a joyful success.        

Meeting Area: Home Based   Meeting Day: Fridays AM.   

Shanties and Songs of the Sea
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What we do:

Shanties are work songs, sung by sailors to help them carry out heavy, physical, monotonous jobs on board ship.

They were intended to be catchy, with lyrics and melodies that got into your head and stayed there. Some are sung unaccompanied and others with instruments.

Shanty singing is invigorating and fun to sing.  The tunes are simple and you don’t need any singing experience!

Meeting Area: Brynmill.       Meeting Day: Mondays PM.

Singing for Pleasure

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What we do:
Our Singing Group goes from strength to strength and we now have about 16 singers on the books with Ann as our pianist.  We are a very informal group and just sing because we enjoy it.  We are NOT a choir, there are NO auditions and you don’t need to be able to read music to join us.
Our mantra now is:-

“ I may not have a wonderful voice and I may, in fact, be tone deaf but Singing makes me Happy! “

New members will be most welcome so bring some friends along, please contact me using the link above.

Meeting Area: West Cross   Meeting Day: Fridays AM.

Ukulele for Beginners and Improvers
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What we do:

We love playing the ukulele and aim to pass our enthusiasm on to new ukulele players.  Within a few weeks you will have learnt to play several chords and be able to play simple songs.
In the The Improvers Group we aim to enhance the skills already learnt and pass on tips to take your playing to another level.
There will be some music theory and finger picking for those to wish to do so.
Most of all, we aim to pass on our enjoyment of ukulele playing to all learners, in a friendly atmosphere.
The first rule of ukulele playing is: “smile”

Meeting Area: Cwmbwrla      Meeting Day: Monday PM.

Ukulele for All-Comers
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with the subject as “Ukulele”

What we do:

The All - Comers Ukulele Group has been established to facilitate anyone who wishes to join together with likeminded people in order to learn and play the Ukulele.

The aims of the group are;

  • Introduce absolute beginners to the Ukulele by teaching rudimentary music and playing skills.

  • Facilitate intermediate players who enjoy group playing, singing and performing.

  • Explore more advanced methods of playing both individually and as an ensemble.

Meeting Area: Cwmbwrla      Meeting Day: Thursday PM.

Ukulele Performance

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with the subject as “Performance”
For information about Gigs and Bookings,
Email with the subject as "Gigs"

What we do:

The focus of this group is on performance and, as the  Swansea U3A Ukulele Big Band, we are in great demand to play at a variety of venues including, this year  Mumbles Oyster Festival, the Gower Walking Festival set in the incredible sunken garden at Caswell, and the Caerleon Arts Festival. Significantly many of these bodies have asked us to play again and we are regularly invited to play by other U3A groups in South Wales.

We have now finished for the summer break but lessons will resume in September.

Meeting Area: Sketty Park       Meeting Day: Tuesdays PM.

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