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French Conversation
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With the subject as “French”

What we do

From Sept. 2017 we will have five different French Conversation Groups catering for two different levels of ability, which broadly correspond to Catch up /basic and Intermediate/Advanced levels. We have started a new Catch up group on Tuesday mornings. This group is using a course book and is therefore taking a more structured approach than the existing Thursday classes.

French continues to be very popular and, in fact, we are full to capacity at present. If you are interested in joining, we have a waiting list, so please contact me, Jean, using the link above in the first instance and I can add your name to the list and let you know as soon as a space is available.  

We are a very sociable bunch and we enjoy having a cup of coffee and a chat after class .  We try to make the lessons enjoyable as well as instructive: for example, in the more advanced class we might have some grammar revision, and then read a French newspaper or magazine article to stimulate discussion, or we might listen to some music or read a poem.  The Internet is an excellent source of material for classes these days, providing lots of useful vocabulary and it gives an insight into the French viewpoint on topical issues.  

For anyone who loves France we aim to provide an opportunity to keep in touch with the living language and with French life.

Meeting Area: Sketty Park     Meeting Day: Tuesdays AM (catch up) and Thursdays AM (catch up and advanced)


French for Beginners
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With the subject as “French Beginners”

What we do

This is a new group for beginners in the language of French.  We will be meeting weekly in the Morriston area in warm, sociable surroundings.  If you are interested in joining this group please contact me using the email link above.

This class has no vacancies at the moment.

Meeting Area: Morriston     Meeting Day: Wednesday PM

To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “German”

What we do

The German Group has been running since June 2011 and now numbers about 12 so we are close to full capacity, but if anyone is interested in joining, please contact us as we may have some vacancies. 

All the members of the group have some previous knowledge of German, whether from school or evening classes, or from contact through work.  Meetings are structured around a variety of activities – conversation, basic grammar revision, cultural insights and a little reading of selected texts.  Consolidation of grammar points is encouraged through set homework.

The group enjoys working and having fun together.  For Christmas we usually have a party and all try to bake (or buy in Lidl!) German style foods like Apfelstrudel and Stollen.  This year we each performed a “party piece”  which showed off our skills, or lack of them.

A new class for beginners is starting this year – please see the separate entry for the “German for Beginners” group for further information about this. 

Meeting Area: Mayals     Meeting Day: Thursdays PM

German Intermediate 
To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “German Intermediate”

What we do:

Our tutor, a retired language teacher and university lecturer, is running a class for those with some knowledge, and/or experience of, German, who would like to improve, and who are not afraid of a course based upon topics in a textbook, combining a grammar and conversation approach.

This class is now full, and can’t take on any new members.

Meeting Area: Newton     Meeting Day: Wednesdays AM

Italian Conversation

To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Italian”

A NEW Italian Conversation Group for people who have some Italian. 

For more information please contact the convenor using the Email link above

Meeting Area Swansea Central.        Meeting Day: Saturday AM

Latin Beginners
To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Latin”

What we do:
What we will do: Latin is the root of so much of our language and the source of so many of our well-known expressions, but there are many people who have never had the opportunity to study it at school. This is a one-year introduction to the language for those complete beginners who would love to dip into the classical world for the first time, and next year it will be repeated for another group of members.

This group is full at the moment, use the Email link above to join the waiting list.

Meeting Area: Uplands     Meeting Day: Tuesdays AM

Spanish Improvers
To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Spanish Improvers”
What we do:
The group is running at full strength, with ten members & we have been running for several years, morphing from a beginners’ class to our current status as “improvers”.  This means that members of this group require 2-5 years of Spanish experience We meet for conversation & coffee after a paid lesson from our Spanish teacher, Danny Alonso.  In our U3A hour we try to cover all aspects of the language & culture & make use of the internet, text books & CDs.  We are a very friendly group & enjoy meals out at various times in the year, celebrating Christmas or “end of term”.

Meeting Area: Sketty Park     Meeting Day: Wednesday AM
Spanish Intermediate
To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Spanish Conversation”
What we do
This group is for Members who have some Spanish, and not complete beginners.
I am sorry, we do not have any vacancies at the moment, but if you would like to leave your details we can put you on our waiting list.

Meeting Area:
 Sketty Park      Meeting Day: Friday AM

Welsh Conversation
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With the subject as “Welsh Conversation”

What we do

We provide an opportunity for those with sufficient grasp of the Welsh language, or those with a lapsed use of the language, to refresh their skills and develop more confidence and/or competence in conversing within an informal, friendly group setting. 

The aim is to achieve a level where the use of Welsh predominates and to maintain that level. English will be used whenever there is a need to help group members gain a clearer understanding of any aspects of Welsh grammar, vocabulary or dialect that present difficulties.

The group is well established and has members with sufficient experience of Welsh to assist new members to settle in and maintain a flow of conversation.  

Prospective members of this group will need to demonstrate a knowledge of Welsh equivalent to the rest of the group.

Fluent Welsh speakers are more than welcome! 

Members in attendance are obliged to make a contribution which is sufficient to cover the cost of the room rental each week (currently £10, but reviewed each March).  

We are able to accept enquiries about joining the group at any time with effect from 14th November.  Members in attendance are obliged to contribute a minimum of £2/week to cover the cost of room rental each week (currently £10). No other charges will apply in the foreseeable future. 

Meeting Area: Sketty     Meeting Day: Monday AM

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