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Art History & Appreciation

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With the subject as “Art History”

Please Note:
This group has now amalgamated with the Art Appreciation to become 'Art History & Appreciation'.

What we do

We explore the social, cultural, political and economic context of Art through history. Everyone is encouraged to do a little 'mini-research' and contribute to ensure enjoyable and stimulating sessions.

Meeting Area: Swansea      Meeting Day: Mondays PM

Family History

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With the subject as “Family History”

What we do each meeting

Meetings held on varied topics.  Presentations on a variety of Family History topics - the audience are welcome to contribute from their knowledge and ask questions.

Workshops - members are encouraged to share their research and help each other by asking questions, making comments, raising difficulties etc.  Introductory talks on how to get started in Family History when sufficient interest is shown.

Meeting Area: Sketty     Meeting Day: Fridays AM

Film Studies

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With the subject as “Film Studies”

What we do

The format of the group will be as follows:

  • Focus on historical period beginning with 1930’s and 1940’s.
  • One or two films to be discussed in each session.
  • A brief session outlining the social/historical background of the film and its time, an introduction to the director and reception of film.  Viewing of extract of film followed by group discussion.
    There is no waiting list for the Film Studies group at the moment, everyone is welcome.

Meeting Area: TBA      Meeting Day: Thursdays PM


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With the subject as “Literature”

What we do:

The Literature Group, having finished reading Marcel Pagnol's "Jean de Florette & Manon of the Springs" is presently reading Anthony Trollope's "The Way We Live Now". A rich story of life in England in the 1870s; a period where life in England is rapidly changing, affecting rich and poor.

Meeting Area: Newton       Meeting Day: Tuesdays PM

Local History Research

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With the subject as “Local History”

Local History Research

This is a group for people interested in the History in and around Swansea. The group would meet to decide the theme/area for research. Arrangements can be made to visit The National Archives in Cardiff, the West Glamorgan Archives in Swansea, The Richard Burton Archives in the University and the National Library of Wales. Groups walks around the local area/s of interest will be arranged and we would hope to produce a pamphlet or similar publication.

Meeting Area: Sketty       Meeting Day: Tuesdays AM


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With the subject as “Philosophy”

What we do

Most common sense thinking stops at some conventional and comfortable point. Usually only annoying children keep asking ‘why?’. Philosophers are a bit like these annoying children and like to dig deeper, questioning received wisdom or ‘common’ sense.

Doing philosophy involves critical reflection and discussion, and that’s what this group is about. The questions we tackle will be relevant to living in the 21st century. There is no fixed agenda - this will develop according to the interests of the group, but examples of topics might include: fake news; gender equality; historical sex abuse; mental illness, is beauty in the eye of the beholder?; nationalism; freedom of expression on the internet…

Be prepared to have your preconceptions challenged. And to the question ‘why’ the answer cannot be ‘because I say so’!

Meeting Area:  West Cross                             Meeting Day:  Thursdays PM


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With the subject as “Politics”

What we do

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at the West Cross Community Centre, Linden Avenue, from 2.15- 4.15 pm. 

The aim of the Group is to hold informed and friendly discussions on a variety of topics of British, Welsh, International and local interest. Topics for discussion are decided from month to month. Usually a member of the Group volunteers to research, prepare and introduce the subject. Everybody is encouraged to contribute and his/her views are heard. We aim to strike a balance between burning political issues of the day and questions of a more philosophical or moral nature and issues that concern us as citizens of Swansea.Once a year we  invite an outside speaker with particular expertise to address us. We also visit places of interest in and around Swansea. In the most recent past we sat in a Swansea City Council meeting, visited the Crown Court, the Coast Guard Station before is closed and the new Lifeboat Station and enjoyed  conducted tours of the new Bay Campus of Swansea University and the newly refurbished Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. We have travelled to Cardiff Bay a number of times to attend sessions of the National Assembly of Wales. A convivial meal before or after the visit contributes to make these very successful events. 

Meeting Area: West Cross      Meeting Day: Tuesdays PM

Social History
To find out more about this Group, Email
with the subject as "Social History"

What we do

This will be a group which will look at the history of peoples’ everyday life from the 19th to early 20th century. We will look at the way people lived their lives – housing, education, leisure and sport, health, work, marriage. The study would also involve looking at movements in literature, art and design, and at government polices and political ideas.  We could look at each aspect in depth and it would involve members being involved in investigations of their own. 

History is not just about Kings and Queens and Battles!! 

There is no waiting list for the Social History group at the moment, everyone is welcome.

Meeting Area: Swansea Marina Area.      Meeting Day: Thursdays PM

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