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To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Backgammon”

What we do

This group has been going for some time, but new members are always welcome. Come along and learn to play or improve and share your skills in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you have your own backgammon board would you please bring it along with you. Don't worry if you haven't got one, as the regulars have at least one each!

We meet in a pub with tea, coffee and food available all day, in addition to local beer.

If you are interested in joining this group please send us your email address using the link above.

Meeting Area: Norton & Swansea central.       
Meeting Day: Once a month on a Monday Evenings & weekly on a Friday Afternoons.


To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Bridge”

What we do

The group now only plays on a face to face basis and has stopped the on line bridge games.

  • The new location gives us much more space and we plan to run classes for those that need them, 
  • This will include complete beginners and will operate as a separate table from the playing group.
  • We will cater for single players trying to match them eventually with a regular partner .

Anyone wishing to join should contact the convener, using the email link above, and a telephone or zoom call can be arranged.

Normal Meeting Area: Upper Killay        Meeting Day: Wednesdays AM.

Cryptic Crackers

To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Cryptic”

What we do

This group is not running at the moment, the Covid situation will be reviewed in the autumn.

Do you enjoy the 'Coffee Break' page in the newspaper with its crosswords and other puzzles? Then this group could be for you. The early focus will be on learning and improving ways to solve cryptic crosswords, but it might lead into a more varied puzzle diet. 
If you have you been frustrated by an inability to solve the clues and have moaned, "I can't do cryptic crosswords!" then we say, "Oh, yes you can!"

Meeting Area: Uplands        Meeting Day: Last Thursday of the month a.m.


To find out more about this Group, Email
With the subject as “Cribbage”

What we do

A card game played by two, three or four players, this old traditional game used to be a great pub favourite. If you don't know it you may recognise the special boards with rows of holes used for scoring.  It is easy to pick up and quite addictive – also sociable and fun!

Meeting Area: First floor room in Uplands (not suitable for participants with mobility problems)     Meeting Day: Monday PM

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