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Cross Stitch

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What we do:
This is a sewing circle where members can bring their cross-stitch, canvas-work, etc. and chat as they sew.  While there will be no teaching as such, members will happily help each others with techniques, tips, etc.  Please contact us by using the link above for more details.

Meeting Area: Loughor       Day: Wednesday AM.
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With the subject as “Drawing”
What we do:
The group will be for anyone interested in learning to draw and who have little experience.
Each session will follow a theme but will be flexible enough to accommodate members interests.

Meeting Area: Morriston.       Day: Thursday PM. 

Painting & Drawing

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With the subject as “Painting & Drawing

What we do:
We are a small friendly group who are meeting monthly, on the second Monday from 1:30 to 3:30,  to improve our drawing and painting skills.  You can use any 2D medium (water colour, acrylic, pencil and pastel) to capture either a still life composition or try out a theme.  The focus varies each month driven by requests from the members and skills of the leader.  We meet from October through to June in a downstairs room with a hot drink included in the hall fee of £2.50 per session.

Meeting Area: Swansea City Centre.   Day: Mondays PM.

Painting for Pleasure
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With the subject as “Painting”

What we do:

The group has been working together for a number of years,although most terms we are lucky to welcome new members. We look forward to the friendly atmosphere at our Tuesday afternoon painting sessions. Many members love watercolour but we do try other mediums and experiment in new techniques.

Because of the experience gained a beginner would probably feel this group is not for them, but anyone is welcome to visit to see us working.

Over the last few years, as well as doing our own thing, we have chosen themes such as  Dylan Thomas, with reference to his life, locations and writing. We have found that having a theme has encouraged creativity and investigation. Another term we chose the Ancient Churches of Gower which we exhibited at the Gower Show you can view some photos in the Album.  Last year we had fun illustrating the costumes of the original Counties of Wales. Most people did not know they could vary both in colour and design.  We welcome new members to the group and we could find room for a few more as long as they have some experience. 

The waiting list has now reopened for members wanting to improve their painting skills in friendly company.

Meeting Area: Mumbles        Day: Tuesday PM.

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With the subject as “Photography” 

This group is on hold at the moment while we look for a new Convenor or Convenors.  If you could help with this please contact u3aswansea@me.com.

What we do:

As the group is quite diverse in their expertise and interests, we decide as a group, the programme to follow.  Therefore last year we had a variety of sessions which included macro-photography/portrait/ landscape/seascape/ architecture etc.  Also depending on the weather, we make visits to different locations.  Once our themes are decided, I print up a schedule and prepare notes to support the activity.  We  share our best photographs via either usb/print. 

Meeting Area: Swansea Central       Day: Friday PM.

Water Colour Painting
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with the subject as "Water Colour"

What we do:
Water Colour is one of the hardest branches of painting to master but we do try to practise something different each week.  For example, we could experiment with a range of mark-making methods, how to remedy mistakes or tackle some tricky subjects.

Meeting Area: Sketty Park           Day: Thursday PM.
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